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       June 24 2024
¢º Reclaiming Pacifism in East Asia by Kawasaki_Akira,Celine_Nahory
Today, East Asia stands at the crossroads, not least due to Prime Minister Abe Shinzo¡¯s efforts to accelerate the long-pursued attempts by the Liberal Democratic Party to change Japan¡¯s peace constitution. The decision on collective self-defense, and more generally the new doctrine of proactive pacifism, are adding oil to the fire of relations between Japan and its neighbors, already tense over territorial disputes and history recognition issues. It is a matter of urgency to find ways to diffuse tensions and avoid the development of an uncontrollable situation in East Asia. In this process, it is important to recognize the crucial role Article 9 of Japan¡¯s Constitution has played as a foundation for peace and stability in East Asia, as attested by the international attention received for its nomination for this year¡¯s Nobel Peace Prize.
¢º Is ¡°Unification Bonanza¡± Possible in Near Future? by Georgy Toloraya
The anticipation of the "imminent collapse" of DPRK as the prerequisite for unification of Korea remains the mainstream of South Korean and U.S. political thinking for the last quarter-century. The root of the problem seems to be the regretful misunderstanding in Seoul of the core interests and the nature of North Korean political class, as well as the total rejection of the idea of taking the interests of this class into consideration.
¢º 1st Morocco-Korea Forum for Amity and Cooperation by Mohamed Chraibi,Sun Song Park,Mohamed El Bouchikhi,Joon-hyung Kim
Morocco-Korea Forum for Amity and Cooperation under the theme "Morocco-Korea: towards a model partnership in co-development and security"

2014. 05. 23 15:00 ~ 18:00
Host : Embassy of Morocco & Korean National Strategy Institute
Sponsor : World Culture Open Korea

"....I hope this forum will be the right opportunity to introduce our Korean friends to an understanding of the great relations between our two countries and to involve them in a process of brainstorming on the best ways to push these relations forward and bring forth new ideas to make them even stronger."

"...Understanding and respect to diverse cultures and living is the foundation of peace and coexistence among countries in this global community. Korea and Morocco has no factor to cause conflict or discord. Once we develop our understanding about different culture between us, our friendly relations will prosper, and we will leave a legacy toward peace and coexistence as global citizens living in 21st century...."
¢º Asiative_A Review of Asian Affairs (2012 Summer Vol 2) by KNSI
"...The Korea National Strategy Institute published the first issue of its English quarterly magazine Asiative in March and is now publishing its second issue this summer.

The special theme of this issue is energy security. ¡°What kind of energy security do we need?¡± Asiative claims through this special issue that true energy security can be realized not through conflict and dispute but through solidarity, cooperation and the development of alternative energy sources for sustainable development....... "

¢º Asiative-A Review of Asian Affairs (2012 March Vol 01) by KNSI
"In this respect, Asiative is created to provide a forum for Asian people to access and discuss and share their views on Asian issues. The Korea National Strategy Institute has taken the first step in entering the relay race, and the next runners to take over the baton are all the ordinary people who love Asia, have interest in Asia, and are eager to take part in the task of region-building in Asia.

The first issue of Asiative features the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit in its Special Features section. Although the NSS meeting created by US President Obama¡¯s initiative could play an important role as a stepping stone toward a widespread denuclearization movement, it is clear that the meeting limits itself in a boundary of the security of nuclear materials only. So, Asiative¡¯s fundamental question upon the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit is: What do we really want—nuclear security or a nuclear-free world?

With KNSI based in Seoul being the publisher, Asiative discusses the issues that affect the Korean Peninsula in the lion¡¯s portion of its pages for the moment. In Inside the Peninsula section, it presents a number of issues regarding South and North Korea to Asian and global people. This issue focuses on the discussion of the prospects of North Korea¡¯s political and economic system in 2012. In addition, Asiative also offers in its In-depth Analysis, and Issues and Debates analytic views and suggestive outlooks on issues touching upon the US, China, Japan, Russia and the Middle East."

¢Ã Asiative_A Review of Asian Affairs

Asiative is a quarterly journal published by the Korea National Strategy Institute (KNSI). The word Asiative is coined from a combination of the words Asian and alternative, creative, initiative. Asiative is committed to serving as a medium for achieving a peaceful Korean Peninsula and global community through discovery of alternative policies for Asia and the world from an Asian perspective.

The Korea National Strategy Institute (KNSI) is an independent, nonpartisan, and not-for-profit public research institution dedicated to developing policy recommendations on Korea's domestic politics and foreign relations, economy and trade, and social and cultural issues. The KNSI seeks to accomplish reconciliation and reunification between South and North Korea based on the principles of independence, democracy, and peace, thereby contributing to an enduring peace in East Asia and around the world.

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