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       August 14 2022
>> Mission

Korea National Strategy Institute (KNSI) is an independent, nonpartisan, and not-for-profit public research institution dedicated to developing policy recommendations on Korea's domestic politics and foreign relations, economy and trade, and social and cultural issues. KNSI seeks to accomplish reconciliation and reunification between South and North Korea based on the principles of independence, democracy, and peace, thereby contributing to enduring peace in East Asia and the world.

>> Mission Statement

As a public institute, Korea National Strategy Institute dedicates to producing and disseminating policy alternatives in the areas of domestic and foreign affairs, economy and trade, and social Cohesion issues. It also seeks to provide national policy that contributes to world peace and realization of Korean reunification in the principle based on independence, democracy, and peace.

>> Background

South Korea has undergone tremendous political and socioeconomic transformations over the past few decades. It accomplished impressive economic growth in the 1960s and the 1970s, achieved democratization in the 1980s, weathered a serious financial crisis and carried out market reforms in the 1990s. These transformations resulted in the emergence and empowerment of the "new mainstream" in Korean society, with different values, orientations, and outlooks on domestic politics, economic and social policies, and foreign relations. KNSI aims to discover, articulate, and represent the views of Korea's "new mainstream" by exploring and developing policy recommendations on diverse political, economic, and social issues Korea is currently confronted with, in order to provide a new national strategy that helps to achieve peaceful reunification of Korea.

Asiative is a quarterly journal published by the Korea National Strategy Institute (KNSI). The word Asiative is coined from a combination of the words Asian and alternative, creative, initiative. Asiative is committed to serving as a medium for achieving a peaceful Korean Peninsula and global community through discovery of alternative policies for Asia and the world from an Asian perspective.

Editor in Chief:
Philip H. Park (Kyungnam University)

Editorial Board:
Dae-han Song (International Strategy Center)
Hae-sook Kim (International Strategy Center)
Hongseo Park (Korea National Strategy Institute)
Ihkpyo Hong (University of North Korean Studies)
Jiyoung Choi (Hanllym University)
Jung-Chul Lee (Soongsil University)
Jung Jin Park (Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University)
Jun Ho Hwang (Pressian)
Seung-chan Yoo (Eurekaplus)
Sung Hoon Jeh (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
Sunhyuk Kim (Korea University)

Editorial Advisory Board:
Haruki Wada (Professor Emeritus at University of Tokyo)
Jaejeong Lee (Chair Professor at Sungkonghoe University)
Jae-Jung Suh (Johns Hopkins University)
Jongil You (KDI School of Public Policy and Management)
Nak-chung Paik (Editor of the Quarterly Changbi and Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University)
Ruediger Frank (University of Vienna)
Su-il Jeong (Korea Institute of Civilizational Exchanges)
Sun Song Park (Dongguk University)
Tadashi Kimiya (University of Tokyo)

KNSI & Asiative Staff:
Management: Jong-Moon Oh (Secretary General / Researcher)
                     Sung-Man Kim (Chairman of Researcher)
                     Hae-Soon Kim (Chief Researcher)
                     Dong-Ju Kang (Guest Researcher)

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