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       August 14 2022
Ēš The G20 Calls Truce on Currency War by Wonhyuk Lim
The recent G20 agreement doesn't force its members to adopt all the necessary macroeconomic policy or resolve their domestic political problems, but at least it helps to shift the policy focus away from the RMB-USD nominal exchange rate and to larger, more fundamental issues. As such, the agreement qualifies as a step forward. With international coordination taking shape, it is now up to individual nations to craft domestic political consensus to get their policy right.
Ēš ROK-US FTA: A Pragmatic and Strategic View by Wonhyuk Lim
The Brookings Institution and the Sejong Institute co-hosted the inaugural session of the Seoul-Washington Forum on May 1 and 2, 2006, at the Westin Grand Hotel in Washington, DC. The Forum brought together scholars and former officials from the United States and the Republic of Korea to address the pressing issues facing the Korean peninsula and the U.S.-ROK alliance. Panel topics addressed by senior scholars and former officials from both sides included: the U.S.-ROK alliance; the six-party talks; replacing the armistice; and Korea-U.S. economic cooperation. The Forum was made possible by the generous support of the Korea Foundation.

Center for Economic and International Trade Studies

The Korean economy has experienced significant changes since the country's developmental dictatorship and the U.S.-Soviet Cold War came to an end in the late 1980s. Internally, Korea is making a transition to a system where resources are allocated through market mechanism rather than through government control and protection. Externally, the country is faced with the challenge of redefining its economic development strategy in response to the spread of globalization and the rise of China.

In response to these changes, the Center for Economy and International Trade will explore policy options designed to establish market discipline and enhance growth potential, and seek to provide a strategic framework and policy agenda for external economic cooperation. Major research areas include: corporate governance, competition and regulatory policy, R&D policy, and trade policy.

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