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       April 22 2021
Asiative-A Review of Asian Affairs (2012 March Vol 01) by KNSI
From Editor (Jung-Chul Lee)
congratulatory address
Northeast Asia, Today and Beyond (Haruki Wada)
The Post Kim Jong-il Era and the 2013 Regime in South Korea (Nak-chung Paik)
Special Features: Nuclear Security ?
The Paradox of the Discourse: "Nuclear-free World" and a Discussion of "Nuclear Security" (Jung-Eun Park)
Fukushima and the 'Peaceful' Use of Nuclear Technology (Yoshinori KASEDA)
Is It Possible to Denuclearize South Korea (Jung-Pil Lee)
"The Korean Peninsula Must Be Denuked" (Hong-seo Park)
In-depth Analysis
The Real Reason Why the US Gave Up Waging Two Wars (Jong-dae Kim)
Some observations from the 2012 Taiwan's Presidential Election (Wan-Ying Yang)
Japan's Choice: Possibility of a Renewal of National Strategy and Political Reshuffle (Jung-jin Park)
Presidential Election in Russia 2012: Features and Results (Alexander V. Sokolov)
Analysis and Outlook of the Middle East: Focusing on US-Iran Relations
(Young-Chol Choe)
Issues & Debate
Ding Xueliang's Chinese Model and Social Democracy (Hee-ok Lee)
Inside the Peninsula
The Kim Jong-un Regime and Building an Economic Powerhouse (Ik-pyo Hong)
Has the North Korean Economy Really Declined in Consecutive Years? (Jung-Chul Lee)

Asiative_A Review of Asian Affairs

Asiative is a quarterly journal published by the Korea National Strategy Institute (KNSI). The word Asiative is coined from a combination of the words Asian and alternative, creative, initiative. Asiative is committed to serving as a medium for achieving a peaceful Korean Peninsula and global community through discovery of alternative policies for Asia and the world from an Asian perspective.

The Korea National Strategy Institute (KNSI) is an independent, nonpartisan, and not-for-profit public research institution dedicated to developing policy recommendations on Korea's domestic politics and foreign relations, economy and trade, and social and cultural issues. The KNSI seeks to accomplish reconciliation and reunification between South and North Korea based on the principles of independence, democracy, and peace, thereby contributing to an enduring peace in East Asia and around the world.
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